Collecting Hallmark Merry Miniatures

No, they’re NOT ornaments.

They are figurines approximately 1-2 inches tall. But made in the same artistic style as the ornaments.

Hallmark Merry Miniatures were first introduced by Hallmark Cards, Inc in 1974. From 1974 through 1995 Merry Miniatures were sold as individual unboxed items. From 1996 through 1999 Merry Miniatures were offered as boxed sets. In 2000, Hallmark returned to the individual items and offered collections of complimentary items each year sold in clear “boxes.” The product line was discontinued in 2002.

Merry Miniatures offered seasonal items that are perfect for creating small vignettes or display scenes. They are indeed miniature as most average only around an inch tall, however, during the early years of production the items were larger. There are a number of pieces that were produced with variations that greatly affect their secondary market values.

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