Q & A with From Grandma's Tree

Do you sell only on eBay?

No.  I have a website, which is currently being reworked.  I like how my Rose’s Buttons and Rose’s Sundries websites operate and I’m working on moving From Grandma’s Tree to a similar platform and style.  It is currently a ProStore. 

When will it be completed?

I currently have next to no inventory listed in my ProStore as I plan to move everything to a new format.  I thought I’d be done ages ago, but life events have intervened as my time to work on this got squeezed. I hope to be done soon.   I’d like to build my customer base on the new website and integrate this blog into the site.

Why haven’t you listed anything new lately?

I’ve been busy with managing events for my church (a gospel dinner fundraiser last weekend and an estate sale this weekend).  I hope to be back to my regular listing practices in the next week or so.

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