Christmas Trends 2012

Evem though I sell mostly vintage Christmas items, I always find it interesting to see what the current trends are for next Christmas season. I’ve posted a new pinterest board on Christmas Trends and am recapping what I found in my research here.

The most influential trade show Christmasworld for Christmas occurs in January in Frankfurt,Germany. This year’s fair featured

  • Snow on Everything. “Hardly any exhibitors did without it – even fir-tree green disappeared to a large extent under a white covering of bio, powder, scatter, crystal or gently iridescent artificial snow. Snow of all kinds decorated Christmas wreaths. Freezing rain and glitter effects conquered glass baubles, stars and danglers.”
  • Tree and table decorations featured classic elements, such as baubles, stars, angles and nativity figures, with a traditional character. Good news for vintage lovers!
  • Nature continues to be the primary source of inspiration. As Samim Pilli, CEO of ART-CAN-DEL Kerzen- und Accessoires Vertriebs-GmbH, put it, “The trend is towards meliorated natural products, which are to be seen in almost all decorative settings. White wash and glimmer dominate at present while we expect a shift towards grey wash next season. Additionally, the knitted look remains very popular.”
  • trend towards do-it-yourself.
  • LED lighting market is growing and becoming more innovative. It is not only manufacturers of traditional electric lighting that offer branches, wreaths and candles fitted with LEDs. Makers of traditional wax candles are also responding to the great competitive pressure caused by high paraffin costs with innovative concepts. Thus, LED lamps are integrated into hollow cylinders made of genuine wax, to create an authentic candle-flame look while electro-magnetic candles accurately reproduce a natural flame using flickering reflective wicks in real-wax candles.

Sources: Christmas Mood Boards

Trends at the Fair


Color Trend forecast

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