German Christmas Pyramids

My first introduction to the concept of a pyramid was a tinkling angel metal pyramid from Scandinavia.  Later I discovered the German tradition of the Christmas pyramid.  These are flat and round platforms with a center shaft put through the platforms. Thus, the platforms can rotate. Wings or blades are attached at the top and candles fitted to various parts of the pyramid. When the candles are lighted the heat  moves the wing blades and thus rotate or propel the whole structure. The most common scenes are nativities, but there are other themes like sledding, fairy tales, Santa Claus, forest workers and hunters.

According to Saxon Gifts, ” each pyramid is a collector’s article. There is an immense amount of handwork in each pyramid and the constantly diminishing number of skilled workers who make these pyramids is a portent that in the years ahead there will be a steadily decreasing supply. Thus, every pyramid is a special treasure and an heirloom to be enjoyed in the future.”


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