Scrap Spun Glass Ornaments

Scrap Santa Spun Glass Ornament

Scrap Santa Spun Glass Ornament

Scrap Spun Glass Ornaments are made up of two elements: a chomolithograph paper scrap and a spun glass tail or halo piece.  These two are glued together to make a charming ornament. 


Scrap Angel Spun Glass Ornament

Scrap Angel Spun Glass Ornament

Chromolithography was  invented in England and adopted by German printers to provide inexpensive color pictures for the public. Victorians collected them in scrapbooks (therefore the name “scraps”).  Scraps with Christmas themes were commonly embellished with tinsel,fabric,crinkle wire, glass beads and ornaments.  Angels, Santa figures and heads, children, butterflies and animals were common scraps used. Dresden foil stars were sometimes glued to the piece.

Spun glass, as the strands or threads are called, was produced from about 1900 until after World War I. Many ornaments were made in full circles or rosettes, while others were fashioned as wings, comets, tails, fans, and skirts.


Golden Glow of Christmas Past

Ornaments From The Past

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