On-A-Lite Corporation

I’ve been listing some unusual Christmas light strings lately that come as individual C7-1/2 sockets that are screwed onto a light cord to make a customized string of Christmas lights. These are sold under the brand name of On-A-Lite. I’ve seen boxes that list the company as located in Portland Oregon and in Peoria Illinois. I googled the name On-A-Lite and came up with a lot of my own listings of On-a-Lite products. LOL.


On-A-Lite Box

I then tried On-A-Lite Corporation. My google search for the On-A-Lite Corporation didn’t come up with any active listings, so I have to assume that this company has been out of business for some time.

On-A-Lite Sockets

On-A-Lite Sockets

I finally tried a search for the patent and bingo. I found the original patent information. The inventor is Linsy W. Brooks of Portland Oregon who assigned the rights to On-A-Lite Corporation of Portland Oregon. The patent was approved on December 13, 1949. So the time period of the 1950s appears to be accurate.

The final reference that I found to On-A-Lite Corporation was for a revolving color wheel attributed to the early 1960s.

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