Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments

Since their introduction in 1973, Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments have been collectible.  This line of ornaments is designed to be used as gifts, and to remind the buyer of special persons or events. Because they mirror the pop culture of the day, they induce a nostalgia for the period.  This does nothing but add to the collectibility of these lovely ornaments.  

Do they keep their value?

It used to be that the most desired Hallmark ornaments went up in price quickly and stayed there.  For example the 1991 first in series Hallmark Starship Enterprise ornament debuted at $20.00 retail and quickly rose to $400 on the secondary market.  And there it stayed for several years.  Then enter eBay….and the price dropped  to current day eBay selling prices of $125 to $150.   So if you bought the ornament for $20 and now it’s worth $125, it has appreciated nicely.  However, if you missed the first one and bought at $400, and it’s now worth $125, you’re not happy.

What are the most collectible ones?

This is a hard question to answer as the market shifts from year to year.  But a few items seem to be consistently priced higher.  The early years of the Frosty Friends series and the Rocking Horse series seem to garner higher prices.  Also the 1991 Starship Enterprise, the 1994 Beatles set and some of the signed convention special pieces. 

And why are these priced higher?

There weren’t as many produced or purchased. They’re cute! Some are a series and the collectors want to acquire the entire series. The convention pieces are only available at the conventions and are usually signed by the artist.

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