What is the most searched for Christmas Item on eBay?

For the category Modern (1946 to 1990) it is “Santa

For the category Vintage (pre 1946) it is also “Santa”

For the Category Current (1991 to now) it is “Christmas Lights

So I began to wonder, what kind of Santa items are actually selling right now?

So I did a little data collection.  I took October 29 (yesterday’s) sales, a total of 246 items sold, and did a little categorizing and here’s what I found:

Category Percent
Figurine 41  Santa Figurine
Ceramics 13
Blowmold 11 Blowmold Santa
Ornament 9 Santa Ornaments
Fabric/Linens 5
Paper 4 Advertising Santa
Bank 4
Book 3
Sleigh 3
Jewelry 2
Light Bulb 2
Candle 2
Nutcracker 1
Other 1

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