Reader Question:

Cinda asks:

I found several old ornaments in my mothers attic.  I was wondering if I should hang on to them.  I have one box with the name of Pyramid across the front and Rausch Industries at the end.  I have 3 other boxes  that are called shiny brite.  What do you think I ought to do with them?

 From Grandma’s Tree’s answer:

Keep them in their original boxes and move them from the attic to a more climate controlled location.  The ups and downs of temperature loosen the paint and the interior coating and make it flake away.  The Shiny Brite brand is currently increasing in demand, due no doubt to Christopher Radko’s line of Shiny Brite reproduction ornaments.  The Pyramid and Rausch brands are less well known, but also were large producers of glass ornaments in their day. Use them on your tree and enjoy them!

If you choose not to keep them, I do buy ornaments. Contact me and we’ll see what develops.


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