Rauch Industries,Inc.

Former North Carolina state Sen. Marshall Rauch founded Rauch Industries in 1952 as a thread manufacturer. Seeking alternative uses for thread, company officials came up with the idea of wrapping thread around Styrofoam balls to make satin ornaments. Eventually, they bought equipment and silver paint and got into the glass ornament business.  They claim to be the oldest existing domestic manufacturer of Christmas ornaments.

Rauch Satin Ornaments

Rauch Satin Ornaments

Rauch’s products include ornamental glass balls, soft goods such as tree skirts and stockings, and seasonal home decor items. The company sells its products to leading domestic merchandisers such as Wal-Mart, Inc., Target, Lowes, Walgreens and other leading drug stores, supermarkets, specialty retailers, department stores and holiday catalogues. The company’s corporate headquarters are located in Gastonia, North Carolina with a distribution facility in Chester, South Carolina.  In the past 5 years, they acquired the Christopher Radko brand and currently produce several lines under this brand name.

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  1. Connie says:

    Thanks for this information. I don’t know when Corning Glass was making Shiny Brite ornaments but it was at the end of World War II for sure.

    I did not know that Rausch produced those satin ornament for the aluminum trees. Interesting!

    Nowadays, I think they primarily manufacture in China except for the Radko line.

  2. rosesbuttons says:

    Corning started producing ribbon blown glass balls in the 1930s, I believe. Shiny Brite certainly produced ornaments well before 1952, when Rauch started business. However, Shiny Brite (Eckhardt) isn’t in business currently, so perhaps Rauch’s claim has something to it.

  3. Vickey Newton says:

    Does your company open up to the public for a sale before Christmas?

    • gmastree says:

      We no longer have a retail location. We did a Christmas in July shop for a few years here in Long Beach. But the online business took off and it is enough to keep up with it. Thanks so much for asking.

  4. Need large red ornaments sold at Saks in 2009

  5. gmastree says:

    I wish I could help. Readers…any ideas?

  6. Cinda Coomes says:

    I found several old ornaments in my mothers attic. I was wondering if I should hang on to the. I have one box with the name of Pyramid across the front and Rausch Industries at the end. I have 3 other boxes that are called shiny brite. What do you think I ought to do with them?

    • gmastree says:

      Keep them in their original boxes and move them from the attic to a more climate controlled location. The ups and downs of temperature loosen the paint and make it peel away. The Shiny Brite brand is currently increasing in demand, due no doubt to Christopher Radko’s line of Shiny Brite reproduction ornaments. The Pyramid and Rausch brands are less well known, but also were large producers of glass ornaments in their day. Use them on your tree and enjoy them!
      If you choose not to keep them, I do buy ornaments. Contact me and we’ll see what develops.

  7. Thomas Baird says:

    Back in the late 1980’s, I believe, I bought a box of 4 bell shaped Christmas ornaments called (or from) the Victoria Collection. They were red, green, blue, and gold. Sadly, the gold coloured bell got broke, and I was wondering if Rauch Industries still makes these ornaments (BTW, they sound almost like bells if you tap your fingernail on them). I will be grateful if I can buy the same set of these ornaments.

    • gmastree says:

      I remember that line of ornaments, sold in local stores everywhere. I’d do a search on eBay and then save it and set up an email notification so that you’ll get an email when a listing is made with the keywords you enter. (I’d suggest, Christmas,ornament,bell,glass,Victoria Collection,Rauch or some combination thereof. Try the various words to see which give you the most accurate lists)

  8. Margie McKenzie says:

    I use to purchase christmas ornament balls by the case from Rauch Industries for my painting business. Can I still purchase these?

    • gmastree says:

      Thanks for the question, but I’m not connected with the Raush company and have no way to answer this question. Here’s the contact information that I found online
      Address: 2408 Forbes Road
      Gastonia, NC 28053-0609
      United States

      • Ed says:

        I have several boxes of old pyramid brand and Holly brand glass ball Christmas ornaments. I was wondering what they may be worth. All in excellent condition and in original boxes.

        • gmastree says:

          The current market for these brands is lower than one might hope for. Period Pyramid satin ornaments have a small (hopefully rising) market, but the offerings of Holly brand ornaments that I’ve put up on eBay this past Christmas season are still sitting on my shelves. However, condition is important and you’d do well to preserve them as they are.

  9. Theresa Wimann says:

    This summer I bought a bag of old ornaments. Three of them are labelled rausch . They are silver with a white leaf like design that wraps around the bulbs and glittered. What can you tell me about them?

  10. sherri cline says:

    i used to work for rauch industries in gastonia n.c a long time ago and lost all my ornaments from there how can i get them again i loved working there it was nice and my employers were great would love to work there again but it closed is there another factory

  11. Nancy says:

    Recently discovered Rauch purchased the Radko brand. I was told the new Radko ornaments are produced in China. I hope that’s incorrect information. Where are the ornaments produced under the Rauch name?

  12. Gina says:

    While cleaning out my moms attic I found a box that contains a wire tree with ornaments from Rauch Industries. The Item # CT5996-RB2 Do you know anything about this item? It also has QVC on it.

    • gmastree says:

      I’m afraid that I am not familiar with all the items made by Rauch. You might Google the name and product number and see what you find.

  13. Gina says:

    Ohh, I just saw it is the Tracy Porter Collection.

  14. Lin says:

    I sure hope this is still an active site. Pyramid use to make the satin wrapped ornaments. Some of the old ones are being resold online but the sources are drying up so the prices are very high now. Do you know any companies that make these satin wrap ornaments for decorating? I cannot find stores online that sell new ones. Thanks for your time.

    • gmastree says:

      I haven’t seen any new plain satin wrapped ornaments for a few years. Hallmark Keepsake still puts out satin wrapped sleeved ornaments, I believe. I find the supply of satin wrapped ornaments in thrift stores to be fairly plentiful here on the West Coast.

  15. Cannon says:

    We had several glass ornaments from the 12 Days of Christmas collection manufactured by Rauch break this year. They were a gift from Grandma and we wanted to replace them if we could. Any ideas?

    • gmastree says:

      So sorry. My best advice is to search the used markets. ebay,Amazon,Etsy would be my picks. You can also do an image search on Google, find the ornament you are looking for and follow those links. I wish you success in your hunt.

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