Pop Quiz on Storing Glass Christmas Ornaments

Think you know best how to store glass Christmas ornaments?  Take this quiz to find out your Storage IQ!

  1. Store in a sturdy box.    True  False
  2. Store in the original box inside a study box.  True False
  3. Store ornaments in your garage or attic.   True False
  4. It’s OK to leave the metal hangers on the ornament.   True  False
  5. Wrap each ornament in tissue paper.  True  False
  6. Use a specially designed ornament storage box.   True False
  7. Fill voids in the box with acid free tissue paper.  True  False
  8. Brush dust off with a makeup or soft brush before storing.  True False
  9. It is OK to store plastic ornaments with glass ornaments as long as they don’t touch each other.  True  False
  10. When you shake the packed box, it’s OK to hear a little movement.  True False

Answers Next Week !

You can record your answers by replying to this post.  Bragging rights to those who get them all correct!

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