Poloron-Blow Mold Manufacturer

Poloron Nativity 28 Inch Figures

Poloron Nativity 28 Inch Figures

I wasn’t able to find founding and closing dates for the Poloron Products Inc. company. It was located in New Rochelle, N.Y. 10805. They specialized in Illuminated Figures, Coolers, Thermos’ and Snowmobiles.

Poloron Products,Inc. Logo

Poloron Products Inc. Logo

Poloron Product Stamp

Poloron Product Stamp

Poloron produced blow molded candles,choir figurines, drummer boys,toy soldier,post lamps,nativity figures,
santas, santa in sled w/2 reindeer, snowmen,churches,candy cane, and Poloron Pixie Line (including a reindeer and elf and perhaps others). Unfortunately, they are no longer in business, and the dates that I’ve seen their blow mold figurines attributed to are from 1962 to 1981.

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