OCI Omnibus Ceramics

Recently while shopping at my favorite thrift store, I was attracted to a SB01B8LAEPKanta pitcher that was marked OCI Omnibus on the bottom. I wasn’t familiar with the manufacturer name so resolved to research it when I returned home with my prize.  To my astonishment, I found only one reference to OCI Omnibus in my google search.  And it turns out, there was a reason for me being attracted to the design.

OCI Omnibus was a division of Fitz and Floyd. Their products were not as dsantapitcheretailed and lower priced than their Fitz and Floyd’s counterparts. Pieces were typically marked with a OCI Omnibus sticker.



My Santa pitcher has a sticker and an incised OCI mark.santapitcher1




Like this pitcher?  It is now listed in my Amazon store




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