Nutcrackers from Germany

We all know about the Steinbach, Ulbricht and the Old World Christmas lines of nutcrackers, but did you know that there are mahy more German manufacturers of wooden nutcrackers that are less well known?

These vintage examples are from the Erzebirge region of Germany and typically sell for much less than the well known brands. But the quality is as good. So if you collect, look beyond the major manufacturers and you may find some gems.

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2 Responses to Nutcrackers from Germany

  1. Tim Hancock says:

    Thanks for ur showing some of the “off-beat” German Nutcrackers, made other than the big name brands as Steinbach, & Ulbricht. I am a 25 year collector and have almost every brand, however lacking “Fuchtner” (Wilhelm Freidrich Fuchtner) the “Father-of-the-Nutcracker”, turned out the first nutcracker (figural piece) (1865).
    UR info reads the maker of ur shown nutcrackers are from the Ergzebirge area is “incorrect”. Volkmar Matthes & Hodrewa-Rothenthal are from: WESTERN GERMANY. Just hoping to clarify ur info, (well meaning, of course). Take care. Thanks for your photos. (I have the “Scholar” by Rothenthal. Have U ever come across a Fuchtner? Tim Hancock, collector (400 strong).

  2. Don Stults says:

    I am looking for a Volkmar Matthes 30″ barstool nutcracker.

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