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Last week I gave you the history of Napco, which I thought to be a Japanese company.  And I made the same mistake about INARCO (thinking it a japanese company).  The Inarco Company known as International Art Ware Corporation started in Cleveland Ohio, and was founded by Irwin Garber in 1960.  A designer by trade, Garber had a penchant for the artistic side of figurines; indeed, his own wife, Roselle, is believed to have been a model for a number of the company’s head vases. In its beginnings, the company imported ceramic and glass floral containers and giftware. In 1986, INARCO moved to Jacksonville, Florida, after it was purchased by Napco.

Inarco used four marks.

  1. The “Inarco, Cleve., Ohio” is part of a permanent stamped mark under glaze.  Found on many early pieces.
  2. The black and gold paper foil label shows a globe with “Inarco” and “Japan” . Found on many early pieces.
  3.  “INARCO” filed for registration September 1, 1965, claiming first use in May 1961 for pottery, ceramics, crockery and earthenware, namely, planters, compotes, vases, cups and saucers, flower holders and other similar decorative items for use in conjunction with floral arrangements.
  4. “INARCO” over globe. Mark 4 filed August 30, 1965, for the same products.


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9 Responses to Inarco History

  1. Dolly says:

    I have a ? I just bought 2 green fawns I am told they are to hold flowers mind you they are very small I am trying to find out any information I have it does have the Inarco mark Clev Ohio on the bottom I’m just curious about them they are very cute it was hard for me to find them I had to replace one that I broke while cleaning that’s how this all got started so if you can help answer my ? Thanks Penny

    • gmastree says:

      I’m not sure what the question is here. You state they are marked Inarco and so are probably made in Japan to the company’s specifications.

  2. little robin shawn says:

    I purchased little people and on the bottom it has inarco and below that a world symbol and than E and numbers after that and a gold sticker inarco below that a world symbol and below that japan my ? is do you know what year this is and was it american made What do think I should resale it for?

    • gmastree says:

      Inarco is an American company that designed the item and then had it made in Japan. So your item would be made in Japan. I couldn’t tell you the year as I have not found a resource that links marks and years for Inarco. I don’t give advice on values, particularly when I haven’t examined the item myself. Thanks for posting and I hope this answer is helpful.

  3. joy says:

    Were the original imports their own design? Or did they import other items first then start designing their own in 1961? It wasn’t clear the way you stated about their beginnings. Thank you.

  4. Lynn Minor says:

    So if I have a small bowl that is marked C inarco and under that a C Eve, Ohio and under that E 1889/QG, that would not be the date it was made?

    • gmastree says:

      I don’t believe that Inarco was in business in 1889 if that is what you are asking.

  5. Marietta Sironen says:

    Are inarco pieces that are marked with stamp, “Cleveland, Oh. 1961” along with Japan foil stamp made in Japan, or USA?

    • gmastree says:

      Most likely made in Japan for a Inarco, a US company, and distributed in the US. Often these arrangements included making a design by artists of the US company.

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