Holiday Colors for Christmas 2010

So what are the predictions for the most popular color schemes for Christmas 2010?

Here’s what my industry sources say. It is back to the time honored colors on trees for 2010. Expect to see classic themes in Red, Green and Gold. The financial status of the country makes people want to recreate their youth, remembering family traditions and happier times. Family and friends joined around a tree trimmed in these classic colors is in the memory banks of most of us. And you’ll find retro themes from the mid-20th century. Radko’s recreation of the Shiny Brite line is an example. Consumers want nostalgia, whimsy and decor that recalls past fond memories.

Vintage Shiny Brite Ornaments

Vintage Shiny Brite Ornaments

I think that with retailers creating new designs in these themes that are so much the same as the true vintage items from the era, it is a real opportunity for us to haul out our true vintage items and look for vintage replacements for fondly remembered treasures.

More on upcoming trends in future posts.

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