Hallmark Ornament Boxes…Valuable or Not?

How much does the original box add to the value of a Hallmark Keepsake collectible ornament?

That depends on who you ask and what buyers will pay extra for an original box. Most collectors will tell you to always save the box and, in addition, will insist that the box show no wear and have the original price tag. This video shows what they mean.

Hallmark Ornament Boxes — powered by eHow.com

And having the original box usually doubles the value of the ornament according to the J.Phillip online price guide. The exception is the earliest Hallmark ornaments. Very few of these ornaments are found with the original box and buyers want them in their collection, box or not. So not having the box for many of these ornaments makes very little difference in price. Be sure to consult a price guide to determine if there is a large difference in price for box and no box ornaments when purchasing. The price guide may not give you an accurate idea of current going price, but it will let you know whether or not there is a price difference for a boxed or no box ornament.

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