Hallmark Collector Guides

I’ve stopped investing in printed Hallmark Collector Guides!

Why?  The values are out of date very quickly.  Almost by the time they are printed, the values can’t be relied upon.  The collector market for Keepsake ornaments is that volatile!

So what do I use?  I use two online resources:

Terapeak is an eBay research tool that allows you to enter the name or keywords of the item, and it returns the recent sales on eBay of that item, gives you an average price, suggests an opening bid price and suggests keywords to use in the title.  A great resource if you sell on eBay as I do. It costs a pretty penny, but to me is worth it.

Collectibles Database acquired the lists of Keepsake Guide writer Rosie Wells and publishes an online guide which is updated every year or two.  I use this to accurately determine the name and description of my ornaments.  The service also allows collectors to create a database of their collection with current values for insurance purposes.  There is an annual subscription or “lookup” by item price.

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