Hallmark Ball Ornaments

I’ve often wondered why many of the early Hallmark ball ornaments aren’t more collectible.  Some of the reasons given are:

  • they are prone to discoloration
  • they are prone to age spotting
  • many are found without original boxes

However, on the other side of the coin, Shirley Trexler (The Ornament Collector Magazine, June 1994) says “Difficulty faces ball ornament collectors who try, in vain to find ball ornaments that had low proeuction and a high breeakage and spotting potential.  Few secondary market dealsers have any ball or yarn ornaments listed on price lists or show tables. Many times collectors are unable to replace a broken, cherished ball ornament because these ornaments are so few in number anymore.  A few examples of such rare older ball ornaments include: 1973 Manger Scene and Christmas is Love; 1974 Angel ball and Snow Goose ball, 1975 Buttons and Bo collection and Little miracles group of balls; 1976 Rudolph and Santa and the Baby’s First Christmas and Drummer Boy ball ornaments; 1979 Light of Christmas ball; 1980 Christmas Choir ball and the 1983 Christmas Wonderland ball. These are just a few of many which are fading from existence.”

vintage christmas,hallmark,Betsey Clark,sleeved glass,ornament,1973,First in Series vintage christmas,hallmark,Raggedy Ann,sleeved satin, 1975

Since 1999, eBay has shown that many ornaments exist in more numbers than suspected earlier.  However, many ball ornaments remain the least collectible, no matter the age. 

As a result, while I list these ornaments, I frequently skip eBay and list them directly on my website at very reasonable prices.

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