Feather Tree Ornaments

I’ve posted on feather tree ornaments before, but I just listed a nice group of real feather tree ornaments and thought I’d add some more information about using them for decoration. 

My Listing of Feather Tree Ornaments

My Listing of Feather Tree Ornaments

Decorating a feather tree is all about using the right size and proportion of ornaments.  While it is best to use genuine older ornaments on an old feather tree, there’s really no reason why you can’t use some of the package decoration and smaller ornaments from later periods on a newer tree.

I found this video about using vintage ornaments to decorate a feather tree that is pretty good, but be aware that this dealer states that all older small ornaments are feather tree ornaments…which is in error.  I couldn’t get the video to embed here, so here’s the link.

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