Christopher Radko Ornaments

You’ve probably heard the story about how Christopher Radko’s personal collection of vintage glass ornaments were destroyed in one fell swoop by a crashing Christmas tree. This event led to his finding European craftsmen and recreating the old styles of vintage hand blown glass ornaments (and rescuing as many of the old molds as he could find). From his early recreations of old styles, he went on to create thousands of new, fresh designs all made in the old manner. We owe him a debt for popularizing the art of blown glass ornaments.

Christopher Radko Santa Ornament

Christopher Radko Santa Ornament

There are so many collectors of Christopher Radko ornaments, that I thought it would be helpful to list a few of the resources available to the collector.

The Christopher Radko website has

  • catalogs of currently produced ornaments
  • lists of retired ornaments from December 2002 to the present
  • previews of Radko published books including:


    And here are some helpful books found on

    • catalogs from previous years
    • listings of ornaments, both current and from previous years.
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