Christmas Pin Display Tips

If you’re a collector of Christmas Pins, you should be getting out that stash now. and getting ready to display them. Here are some suggestions for wearing or display that I’ve run across:

  • I love wearing the pins on my coat lapels and often group several to create a very sparkly look for a special evening event.
  • If you carry an evening bag, clip one of your favorite pins to the clasp to create a holiday look for an otherwise ordinary bag.
  • One of my favorite ladies at church pins a large sparkly brooch to her hat. A great look!
  • Pin your collection to a holiday pillow and put it in a prominent location to be admired by all.
  • Frame your pins in a shadow box frame or bulletin board frame and hang them on the wall.
  • If your friends love your pins, give some of your duplicates to admirers pinned to the gift tag. While the gift is waiting to be given, it adds to the sparkle under your tree.
  • And the ultimate idea….drumroll please…hang them from the branches of a miniature tree on a tabletop. Feather trees are lovely with these sparkly decorations.
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