Brass Ornaments

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Early Brass Onaments

The first brass ornaments that I remember seeing were in the Lillian Vernon Catalog. They were brass filigree with free personalization, a feature that distinguished this company from its competitors. These were not marked with the maker name, but since 75 million were sold between 1970 and 1994, it is likely that any brass ornament with a personalized name is by Lillian Vernon.

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Three Dimensional Brass Ornaments

From the early simple brass ornaments, more complex three dimensional ornaments were produced as brass ornaments became more popular.

vintage ornament,collectible,White House Association,1990

1990 White House Ornament



From the simple brass ornaments by Lillian Vernon and other manufacturers, evolved the more collectible lines of photochemically etched brass ornaments manufactured by ChemArt. The two most notable lines of collectible brass ornaments are the White House Collection, authorized by the White House Historical Association, and the Baldwin Collection.

Plated brass ornaments are popular fundraising and custom items. ChemArt produces custom designs as does Tom Pollard Designs.

vintage ornaments,plated brass,Hallmark

Hallmark Plated Brass Ornament

Hallmark has produced a few brass ornament designs as part of its Keepsake line.




vintage treetop,metal,brass,aluminum,snowflake

Vintage Brass Tree Topper

It is more rare to find other brass filigree items such as this tree topper that I recently sold.

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